unpopular opinion:

i like arlie

ok yes his DRs are annoying and he thinks he’ss this HUGE mastermaid

but he’s such a cutie

whoa whoa whoa so i’ve been gone for a few days and i come back and arlie and adel are on the block???

so did jon use the pov on rachelle/sabrina

then allison used hers on the other?


Daniele Donato: Big Brother 8 

"I would hate to be against this girl in this game because she is kicking ass."

i personally wanted arlie to use the veto on sabrina to prove to rachelle that sab doesn’t have her back

but when rachelle voted to evict sabrina



Theres no jury this year, Topaz is going to choose instead



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what does bussy even mean

Best of: Janelle Pierzina (BB6)

why is everyone i love on this website so young?

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this is an old picture from instagram